LCWS can help you save you time and money, here's how.
  • It’s Free

    Our Computer Recycling services are free! We will collect from anywhere in the UK and will not charge for the collection of equipment.
  • It’s Quick

    We load equipment as quickly as possible and cause the minimal amount of disruption to your establishment.
  • Eco friendly

    Our friendly service decreases the nation's carbon footprint and reduces the amounts of IT equipment heading to landfill.
  • Testimonials

    "LCWS provide learning to underprivileged children via their IT equipment. We honestly can't thank them enough!" Rachel Tate, Futures Learning

WEEE Compliant Computer Recycling and Disposal Services

When selling and disposing of the old and unwanted computer equipment within your organisation, it doesn’t seem at first that there are many things to consider, other than finding someone who would pay the highest price to take them away, or consign some of them to server duty.
Disposing of equipment by selling it on is becoming less and less likely because of the amount needing spending on the collection and decommissioning of equipment. Where once there was a residual value, there is fast becoming a residual disposal cost.