7 Ways To Reuse a Banana Peel

Businessman about to slip and fall on a banana skin

Banana peels, what good are they for apart from making you fall over? Here are 7 ways you can re-use your banana peel!

  1. Fertiliser – Bananas are super high in potassium which can help promote growth in your garden. Just bury it in the garden and see your plants flourish!
  2. Shoe polish – If you use the inside of the banana peel on your shoes they will become nice and shiny, just wipe them down with a cloth after to get any excess peel off.
  3. Bug bite relief – Rub the inside of a banana peel onto a bug bite to help relieve the itchy feeling
  4. Pain relief – The oil in a banana peel will help relieve pain from burns and scratches.
  5. Wart removal – Tape down a piece of banana peel onto the wart and continue till it’s gone.
  6. Make plants shine – Just like the shoe polish, if you use the same technique on the leaves of the plants they will look nice and shiny!
  7. Removing splinters – Similar the wart removal technique, tape down the peel over the splinter, the enzymes will then help dislodge the splinter and heal the wound too!

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