Benefits of Electrical Recycling

Before deciding whether or not to dispose of your electrical equipment via landfill, take the time out to consider the benefits of electrical recycling.

We’re all too aware that the main benefit for disposing of equipment is to get it out from under our feet. We’ve been guilty of this ourselves in the past but when you consider all the other added benefits of recycling your equipment, it becomes a no-brainer in that electrical recycling or any sort of computer and laptop recycling is the best way to go about your electrical disposals.

Here are main benefits of electrical recycling:

Less Cluttered

As mentioned earlier, one of the main reasons people decide to get rid of their electrical and IT equipment is to simply free up some space in their home or the office. Maybe this is because the item was faulty or was simply being updated with a newer model. There are lots of reasons for getting rid of your old equipment but this is the main reason and, for some, the biggest benefit. For us however, we love having our HQ cluttered with old and faulty gear – as we have the knowledge and expertise to turn old and faulty electrical equipment into new and working parts!

Reduces Landfill

In the past, the UK was one of Europe’s biggest contributors to landfill sites. For its relative smallness in comparison to our European neighbours this was very alarming to say the least! The Waste Electronic and Electrical Equipment (WEEE) Regulations board of 2006 brought in the WEEE directive in the same year to reduce the amounts of electrical equipment that head to landfill. Pre 2006, around 40% of hazardous waste went to landfill sites, whereas since 2006, this has dropped to less than 10% and continues to fall year on year.


The reduction of hazardous waste – in the form of electrical equipment going to landfill – has had a great impact on the environment. An initiative to reduce the amounts of hazardous materials that entered new equipment was introduced in 2007 in the form of the Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) directive. The RoHS directive eradicated the use of harmful toxins in the manufacturing process of laptop and computer screens etc. These harmful toxins were detrimental to the environment and affected waterlines, wildlife and the atmosphere. So, one of the biggest benefits of electrical recycling is that it’s helping to preserve the environment.

Energy Saving

Did you know that the amount of energy used to manufacture ONE brand new food can is equivalent to the amount of energy used to manufacture TWENTY recycled food cans? And that ONE recycled aluminium can saves enough energy to power a TV for THREE hours? This means that the energy it takes to create one new can from raw materials could power a television for 60 hours! The need to save this energy and recycle our electrical equipment (which is much bigger and saves much more energy than food cans do) is evident. By recycling old electrical and IT equipment, you are helping save energy on a truly massive scale!

Health Benefits

The RoHS directive has introduced the restriction of hazardous substances that enter new products. But what happens with the older electrical equipment that was manufactured before 2007? It all needs to go somewhere and that ‘somewhere’ shouldn’t be to landfill because of the problems explained above that this can cause. Harmful toxins from older equipment can be harmful to all walks of life, including the human race. Poisonous chemicals are released into the atmosphere when these electrical wastes go to landfill. We breathe them, wildlife breath them, plants and trees breath them who in turn exhale them, then we breathe them in again. It’s a vicious circle that needs to stop for the sake of life on our planet. This explains why the benefits of electrical recycling should be considered before any other form of laptop or computer disposal.

Helps the Economy

The benefits of electrical recycling are made even more intriguing by the one thing that we life for as a human race – money! Because there is much fewer energy being used, the resources needed to create recycled goods falls too. This equates to an economical option when compared to other forms of electrical disposal. This affects the end consumers in a positive way also as they pay less for their recycled products as they would have to for products made from raw materials. This is because the cost of production is less and the companies don’t need to charge as much to recoup their profits.

All in all, this means a happier, healthier, wealthier life for us all! And it’s all been made possible because we now know the benefits of electrical recycling!

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