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Any items marked with (HW) are classed as hazardous waste. Once we have received your items we may class other pieces of equipment as hazardous subject to its condition. To find out more about this and the paperwork you will receive on your collection click here!

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Do you need to replace your surplus hardware? Our sister company Rapid IT Ltd can provide you with high quality refurbished computer hardware that is fully warrantied, at a much lower cost than buying new. Whether you’re looking for refurbished PCs, laptops, projectors or toners you’ll find it all under one roof here at Rapid IT.

We Break The Refurb Stereotype

"Refurbished computers come all mismatched."

All your refurbished equipment will be the same make and model, so no figuring out how to use different machines.

"The hard drives and software will be old."

Every PC comes with a new SSD and updated Microsoft OS Software, so not only have you got a fully refurbished computer, the software is up to date too.

"They will break after a couple of months."

We back all our machines with warranties. PCs have 2 years warranty* and laptops have 12 months warranty* as standard. If you'd like to extend your warranties, we are happy to do so.

*Warranty covers all parts and labour.

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